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Product consultation, marketing, and sales with specialization in residential real estate.

We specialize in creating distinctive, personalized products that outshine competitors and resonate with the target audience. Our approach is tailored to meet our clients' unique business requirements while aligning with their target audience. We conduct a thorough analysis of data and the target audience's needs, taking into account various business and planning variables. Whether it's developing a new residential brand, designing a residential project, or optimizing marketing and sales processes, we focus on delivering results. Our solutions are custom-made to address each client's unique challenges and opportunities.


Redefining the residential housing model


Real estate experts recommendations

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Guy Cohen

CEO, Gilay Real Estate

"If we compare traditional real estate marketing companies to ships, then they are in a race. Understanding the deal, the ability to characterize the product, identify its potential, and do all of it quickly and professionally are just some of the advantages of working with them."

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Benny Adhooi

CEO, Kim Lustigman

"Professionalism and persistence are the keys to successful marketing and sales. Starting with planning and market analysis, and then finding the appropriate market segment. Flexibility and adaptation to changing market conditions come next."

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Gil Shenhav

Partner & Founder, Canaan Architects

"In a changing and challenging world, we don't always know how to achieve our goals or how long it will take. That's why it's crucial to choose the right partners to embark on the journey with. When they are by my side, I know for sure that we will reach our destination, and just as important, that the journey will be enjoyable."

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Tamir Dagan

"To have a player on board who sees the big picture, understands the interests of the entrepreneur, and serves as a strengthening force."

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Mickey Perens

CEO, Beit B'Kfar

"The ability to weather the storm, provide advice in all areas of business and organization, all while having an excellent understanding of the market, great insight, and a pleasant personality, awaits the next project!"

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Tal Spivak

CEO, Fresh Real Estate

"The work on joint projects was very pleasant and successful. We live in a world of people for people, and the combination of professional work and deep understanding, together with a pleasant process, allows for openness and creativity, helping to generate ideas and improve work with clients."

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Arthur Telisman

CEO, Talys

"Thanks to the quick market analysis I received, an accurate network was created that highlighted the project as the flagship project in the neighborhood and boosted its attractiveness above all."

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