Tailor-made solutions

Joining your team, we will represent the mutual interest.

Product, Marketing and Sales.

‍A fully customized service tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Product design and development

A project that is well-suited to the market is expected to be more profitable and easier to market, making market adaptation a crucial aspect in real estate entrepreneurship.

Tailor-made solutions
Competitive environment
Developing a program
The recommended portfolio
Price list for maximizing profits
Planning guidance
Matching suppliers and finishes to the product
Tailoring planning to target audiences
Closure for Marketing
Closing sales agreements and specifications
Project management and support towards the funding body

Integrated marketing automation

A marketing strategy and the use of technology can significantly increase the success of a project by reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Marketing materials
Guidance and management of the process of creating marketing materials
Identifying and summarizing information from various suppliers to create marketing materials.
Building a project summary
Creating a marketing strategy plan
Purchase experience
Preparing sales scenarios starting from a phone call to a meeting
Support in preparing the sales office
Technological Systems
Marketing automation
And accompanying the integration of CRM systems and implementing the system

Sales Training and Management

The importance of creating a personalized purchasing experience for target audiences should be comprehensive in real estate marketing, including online experiences, in the sales office, and in the training of sales teams. This is aimed at making the purchasing process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Sales teams
Finding sales personnel
Sales team training
Transaction support
Accompanying legal and commercial negotiation process to bring agreements to actual signing
Accompaniment of complex negotiation processes with clients
Finding solutions to objections
Adapting forms, specifications, and product refinements according to on-site findings
Below the line
Promotion of TAMA deals to consumer clubs, brokers, and interest groups
Creating sales tools tailored to on-the-ground needs.